Cities Skylines Presentation! LAST BLOG :(

Cities skylines presentation!

Mia Zamora recently asked us if we wanted to present a game that we like. And I said yes

I wanted to talk about a game that I have played a lot for the past 3 or 4 years. Cities Skylines.

Cities Skylines is a city building game, which is has modsupport and a really active developer. The game is massive in terms of what you can achieve within it. I still remember the first city I ever created, it was good at the time, however looking back at it makes me realize that it was a huge mess. Highways going everywhere with traffic standing still everywhere. It was a fucking chaos, but it was the start of something. ****Not my city, but it probably could have been****

Bilderesultat for Cities Skylines clusterfuck

In the beginning, it was barebones. It was only the standard game, with no mods or assets. The game only became good, when the modders and asset creators started to fix things that didn’t work or needed fixing. They also added variety to the game.

Meaning that, if you didn’t like something in the game. You could most likely find a fix for it in the steam workshop, you could tweak the game to your “needs”

A few years later, the steam workshop is stuffed with thousands of contributions. You can now recreate famous cities, you yourself can even remake small towns. I’m planning on making my hometown into my already established city, by making it a town outside of the main part.

The game lets you create fully functioning cities, with people moving from one side to the other. And all the different game mechanics work together to create “Land value”, which then lets buildings “level up” to either let more people work within the building, or let more people live in the building, both providing you with additional tax money to spend.

I have over the years created a lot of different cities, but the one I’m currently working on is my all-time favorite. It has order, it focuses on walkability and biking. I’m trying to make realistic neighborhoods with parks and services. This has led to, massive transport hubs. Where metro, bus, rail and tram meet in one place to exchange people, it has led to mass transportation. I shifted from making a bunch of different places, to focusing about finishing what I already have, in short, I don’t expand the city until I have an idea about what to make, I don’t build randomly anymore. And for fuck sake, finish the areas before building the next.

Furthermore, I want to show off the basics of the game. So that you might understand what I’m talking about.


This is the toolbar in the game.

On the toolbar, all the different tools and information is shown to you. You can also access this toolbar via a small bubble in the top right corner, but from there you cannot build anything. You can only access information about the buttons, for example education icon on the toolbar lets you build schools, on the little bubble, you can only access information about where the schools are and how many students they house.


Game mechanics


From the right, the Globus and start stop. The Globus lets you buy new areas on the map, you start in a 1×1 km tile, and you can buy more by achieving milestone goals.


I realize that this can be really fucking boring, so I decided to speed it up so nobody falls asleep here.


The game is simple, the road icon is obvious, builds roads.

The 4-colored tile is zoning, this is where you decide if you want to build residential, commercial or industrial buildings, or said simpler, places to live or jobs.

Then there are districts, which is so stupid I don’t even bother to explain it.

Power is power

Water is water, you also need water treatment. If you don’t to water treatment the people will move out, and if you don’t have treatment only exhaust, you can see the shit in the river. Also, it’s a common noob mistake to put the exhaust pipe upstream from the water pumping station which makes the pumping station pump shitwater into the houses.

Garbage is garbage, you can place dumps (which can get full) or incinerators which burns the garbage.

Then is healthcare, firehouses and police, which operates inside a “green” zone. Police drive on patrol.

Education is education, you build schools, high schools and universities. You also have to build enough to support your population, as the different schools have different capacities.

Transportation, the most difficult to explain. This is where you can place down tram depot, bus depot, tram tracks, train tracks, monorail tracks, ferry’s. You can also place transportation routes, and build airports. Even blimps and gondolas.

The three next icons are mostly decoration, parks and landmarks to help boost tourism.

Landscaping lets you shape the terrain, you also have quays and walk paths there.

Then is budget and policies, which lets you adjust the spending of every spending area, which decrease the effectiveness of set spending area. For example, if you decrease the spending of transportation, the bus lines must decrease the number of busses used on the lines.

If 100% budget a bus line has 10 busses, then that line will have 8 if you cut the budget to 80%.

Policies work within districts, and can give tax rebates within districts. Or give free public transport within districts, that can help develop newly built areas.

The bulldozer, which triggers an annoying sound every time you press it, and cinematic mode that removes all the stuff on the screen.


These things, help create the city you want. You just build whatever you want, and what you don’t like? Crush it to the ground 😉

In the end of this blogpost, I wanted to show off some of my new creations in the city. I also want to show off the transportation infrastructure, since that takes a lot of time to create and make perfect.



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